I’m getting married and my fiance and I want to look amazing. Where do we begin?
Engagement photo

Photo credit goes to: Evrim Icoz a Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer

First….CONGRATULATIONS!! What an exciting time for you and your fiance!

My first question is when is the event? Let’s start with that, see where you are now, and where you would like to be by then. Keep in mind that you will have a ton going on from this day to that day. And although exercise is a known to release “happy hormones” (endorphins) with the stress of planning a wedding it will be even more important for you to take care of your health. This includes sleep, eating right and exercise.

Let’s talk about these elements and get a plan together for you so you both are glowing and able to really enjoy your very special day.  – Andrew (andrew@keystonefitnessllc.com)

I haven’t exercised in years and I’m in my mid-40’s but I want to be more fit. Help!

This is quite the common occurrence. Lucky for you…you’ve taken the first step to a healthy future!

First let’s meet (phone or in person) and talk about your goals and your health history so we can start smart. We can then figure out a routine that works with your schedule, tweak what needs to be tweaked (routine, eating habits etc) and get that ball rolling.

My child is overweight and I worry about their future health. Where do I start?

Childhood ObesityUnfortunately parent, this is an all too common situation these days especially in the USA. Michelle Obama has put this at the top of her agenda and all political beliefs aside, she is right in its importance.

Let’s talk about your concerns and find out what the next step should be to helping your child find their health again.


I eat right but just can’t lose any weight. Is something wrong?

I admit I don’t work out as much as I should but I eat really well and just can’t seem to lose the pounds. Am I sick? Is there something wrong?

I’m healthy, work out and eat right. I want to build muscle. What do I do first?

Building MuscleBoom chacka-lacka! Good for you on eating right and taking care of yourself. We are of the firm belief that muscles are good as long as it’s done in a healthy way.

We can help you with this. Give us a shout and let’s get to building.