Andrew Kaplan
Andrew KaplanPresident & Personal Trainer

Andrew Kaplan has a certified as health and fitness consultant for over sixteen years. Before getting into the fitness industry, He works as a Computer Artist designing video games. Although he loved his job and got paid well for it, he didn’t like the person he had become. He worked eighteen-hour days, feasted on whatever food was convenient and “relaxed” many nights drinking a few beers with his colleagues. Overall, he felt lazy, despondent, complacent, and even apathetic. Prior to his working in the video game industry Andrew spent his whole life physically active and participated in athletics. Now he was 45 lbs heavier and not feeling like his old self.  It was at that point that he realized he needed to make some serious changes in many aspects of my life.

He began to develop the Keystone Fitness concept: the idea of achieving harmony with oneself through a balanced lifestyle. He spent the next few years starting over and finding myself. He walked away from my well-paying job in a search of something more fulfilling. Since then he has had the pleasure of sharing skills with an array of professionals from therapists and doctors to motivational speakers and instructors. He has worked in studios from Palo Alto, California to Stockholm, Sweden training a multitude of individuals from every race, age, health status and financial arena. Each one of them has played a valuable role in the continuous development of the Keystone Fitness concept. Ten years ago he came back to my roots in Aurora to share his skills, knowledge and experiences in hopes to help others achieve their goals too.

Kim Davis
Kim DavisPersonal Trainer

Kim graduated from the University of Toledo in 2002 with a degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiotherapy.  In 2004 she became an ACE certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Kim gained much experience as she worked 10 years for a physical therapy clinic.  Kim helped her clients reach their fitness and/or a weight loss goal has become a passion of hers.

Kim’s training modalities are not limited to any one area. She tailors each client’s programs to their individual needs. She believes that a client education is an essential part of their training regimen whether this is through lifestyle behavior modification and/or understanding of functional training and body awareness. In her vast years of experience she has worked with just about every age group, genders, circumstances and a multitude of special needs. The success of her clients does not only motivate Kim but is her primary goal…all this while still having fun!

As an addition Kim is licensed to instructed and certify individuals and small groups in CPR and First Aid, and has done so since 2006. 

Mike Cosentino
Mike CosentinoPersonal Trainer
NASM Personal Trainer / Corrective Exercise Specialist
I believe that through gradual and consistent lifestyle changes one can attain their personal fitness goals.
My success as personal trainer stems from almost 20 years of personal and professional experience that extends across a wide range of training methods that include resistance, balance, core conditioning, and many more areas.  All these fields help me achieving the final goals.  I have not only proven this through my personal life experience but with many clients to this date.
Let me tailor a workout routine to fit your specific needs through nutrition, daily workouts, motivation,and experts advice.  You will become a healthier and even happier version of you.

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