Welcome To Keystone Fitness: Services

One-on-One Personal Training
Is for the serious client interested in taking the time, energy directly focus in on all of there health and fitness needs with no distractions of other workout participants taking up the trainers attention during that session.

Corporate and Community Lecture Presentations
These presentations series are structured to help provide its audiences with help and guidance to all ranges of age groups and health issues and concerns.

Boot Camps
These camps are structured to cater to small and medium size groups.  The boot camps take it participants through a series continual exercises that will address power, mobility, flexibility, endurance, strength and cardiovascular endurance.

First Aid / CPR Certification Class
We provide First Aid and CPR training so that you and your group can provide first response procedures until professionals can arrive on the scene. This certification class is great for any individual whether for recreation sense of security or a professional that needs to have the certification to keep their job position current.

Who Is Keystone

Our Company Mission
The mission of Keystone Fitness is to provide quality services through motivation, education, and guidance for each and every client. We obtain this objective by helping our clients be more attentive to their behavior patterns including addressing the negative behaviors while reinforcing the positive behavior patterns which promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Keystone Fitness is committed to providing organized and valuable health and fitness programming with measurable, realistic goals and optimize their chance for a successful experience.

The Keystone Philosophy
Keystone Fitness believes in the promotion of balance.  A balance not only of ones physical self but their emotional, mental, and spiritual state. We believe in integration function movements that help promote a healthier physical life with a lessened chance of injury and an overall stronger body. Through the promotion of relaxation and mediation one can achieve a significant reduction in stress and anxiety. And when used in combination a healthier lifestyle can be achieved.
The Keystone Promise
Our promise is to provide the highest quality service that will help guide our clients to finding their true potential and reach their goals. We will achieve this promise through any means necessary utilizing our knowledge, experience and diverse network.
“A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself.” – Bruce Lee

Our Crazy Skills

Fitness 90%
Inspirational Training 95%
Nutrition 85%
Encompassing Routines 75%